Who makes the horse so mighty and proud,
His snorting so fierce, his hoof-beats so loud?
Who makes him toss his mane to and fro?
Who makes him whinny and prance just so?
Who make the horse charge without a fear,
His hooves touch the sky as he proudly rears?
Who makes his liquid eyes so warm,
His neighing so chilling amidst the storm?
Who makes the horse so untamable and free?
Who makes us love him so adamantly?
Who makes him so independent and strong,
Who makes his hoof-beats into a song?
Who makes him so spirited and wild,
And yet so gentle with a little child?
Who makes him soar like he has wings?
Who makes him all of these wonderful things?

The One who died on Calvary,
The One who was pierced to set us free,
The One who walks with us day by day,
The One who listens when we pray,
The One who is Life's everlasting source,
He is the One who made the Horse.